Secured™ Awarded Over $4,000,000 for Humanitarian Support

Automated AI-enabled drone software

Secured™ Launches First-Ever Automated AI-Enabled Commercial Drone Surveillance Solution

Washington DC— January 12, 2023Secured™, a service-disabled veteran owned small business security technology firm, is revolutionizing the field of drone surveillance with the first commercially-available automated AI Object Recognition & Change Detection software designed to merge sensor data in near real-time. Already making waves in the industry, the company has been awarded over $4,000,000 in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) customization and development in 2023 by a US-based non-profit foundation. Due to the nature of the work, the NPO cannot be named at this time, however, this groundbreaking innovation has the potential to revolutionize security in the global food production industry, amongst others, with its unique ability to identify landmines and other man-made objects.

“This new platform allows us to utilize innovative drones to help farmers around the globe with their crop production, soil health, and ultimately provide more food safely around the world, says CEO Gabe Rubio.”

Secured™ is an advanced cybersecurity and technology firm established by brothers Gabriel “Gabe” and Cody Rubio. Secured™ offers a range of services designed to help protect businesses from cyber threats and data breaches as well as provide automated custom software solutions.

Secured’s CEO, Gabe Rubio, is a pioneer in the cybersecurity industry with over 20 years of experience. Gabe served in the US Navy as a Cryptologic Officer before joining the National Security Agency in 2006 where he served in a variety of technical and leadership positions. Since then, he has led a number of cyber-focused companies, most recently as the CEO of Siege Technologies.

“Secured™ is very unique in what we do,” says Gabe. “We’re able to apply our expertise in the Intelligence Community into the industry. Whether we are creating unique tools like AI-driven drones or providing security and compliance consulting, we’re focused on providing the best possible tools to our clients to compete in the changing industry.”

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Cody Rubio, joined forces with his brother after serving as Director of Business Development for the New York-based multifamily investment firm, Ashcroft Capital. He brings nearly two decades of marketing and business development expertise to the table.

“This exciting technology that we’re developing can truly make an impact globally,” says Cody. “The ingenuity and creativity of the security products that we’re building coupled with the expert service levels we are providing is unmatched,” he continued.

The UAS product that Secured™ is currently providing and continues to develop has much more robust capabilities than a typical commercial drone.  The drone is gas-powered with extended flight times, allowing for more ground coverage. It is retrofitted with Synthetic Aperture Radar and LiDAR cameras allowing scanners to penetrate heavy vegetation and many ground surfaces.